Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: Emme’s Fashion-Forward – at 3!

Jennifer Lopez: Emme’s Fashion-Forward – at 3!

Frazer Harrison/Getty
Calling her new album Love? was a no brainer forJennifer Lopez, who says the subject has always been “the question and answer for me.” But one thing she doesn’t question is her flourishing marriage.
“I am lucky to have Marc [Anthony],” the American Idol  judge said of her husband at the Blackberry Playbook launch, held Tuesday in Los Angeles. “I’m lucky to have such a good partner.”
Parenting is a team effort as well.
“[Emme and Max] love to download games and go on the computer with Marc,” says Lopez, 41, who’s looking to play a gritty role in her next acting gig. “I don’t know how to do all that. But we watch Disney movies like Tangled.”
The ladies of the house also enjoy primping together — and 3-year-old Emme has picked up a few tips from mom.
“When I get ready for work we lay everything out – the pants, shoes, earrings, belts,” says Lopez. “[Emme] does that now in her room. She says, ‘Okay, I need pants’ and she’ll say, ‘That matches. I need a barrette.’ It’s crazy!”
Her son Max, on the other hand, is all boy. “He’s into breaking things, tearing things down, punching and then saying ‘I’m hitting in a fun way,’” she explains. “He’s that guy.”

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