I thought I'd start the new week and the new month off right with some lovelies from the cutest bunny ever, Fifi Lapin. Check out more on Fifi's blog, shop and etsy store.

I was on the ScarlettCat blog today when I discovered the work of the incredible artist, Jen Lobo. Her paintings are scrumptious! The whales and ships are just beautiful. And I love the falcon with it's hood on. See more of Jen's paintings on her website and blog.

These lovely pieces are made by jeweler, Amity, of All Those Threes. Each piece is so beautiful and tactile. I just adore the stitching and lace rings. Gorgeous! View more in her store, flickr and blog. You can also follow her on twitter here.

I'm on the Bloesem Kids blog today. Eeeeee! I'm offering a giveaway of two of my patterns. I'm also offering a special deal for all Bloesem Kids readers. Check it out here.

I love love love these paintings by Janet Hill. They're so pretty and girly. Find many more in her shop and on her blog. And feel free to purchase "Paige In A Green Dress" for me (4th pic down). heh heh.

How was everyone's memorial day weekend? I took a little vaca from my blog over the weekend, but now I'm back. yay! Check out this artist that I saw on Etsy over the weekend. Her name is Tali and she is the artist behind Tush Tush. I love her whimsical colored pencil and pastel drawings. Check out her store for more lovelies. There you can also see Tali's fabulous portrait paintings.

New plush guys! I did a huge batch which was exhausting but now all I want to do is make more. They'll be going up in the store over the next couple of weeks.

Check out the little stripey white, blue and green bunny that I knit! I have never knit a toy before and I have to say that I had a wonderful time making it and couldn't be happier with the result. The pattern is the "Scraps Chaps" pattern (the last pic) from the lovely Barbara of Fuzzy Mitten. The bunny's little red sweater is from her "Clothing Bundle III" pattern. Also check out the beautiful little Peter Rabbit that Barbara made me (third pic). She's so talented. Check out many more patterns in the Fuzzy Mitten etsy store.

Check out these awesome illustrations by Ben Javens (found via the cool and new-to-me site Share Some Candy). Love the dude with the giant guitar. Fun! See more on his blog and store.

Check out the cute new online children's magazine, Papier Mache. Definitely worth a look if you want to see lots of loveliness. Found via the Lupin Handmade blog.

Here's the last pattern that I wanted to get done this week. A little Raccoon. I'm officially half way through the alphabet. Woo Hoo!!! The last image is my little diagram of the letters I need to do yet. I have some ideas for them but I'd be super open to suggestions. You can find my finished patterns here in my etsy store.