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Hi peeps. Long time no see! Yeah, I know it's 100% my fault. Over the holiday season I worked and worked and worked, then went on a 15 day vaca to visit the family, then came home and promptly got sick. I had tons to catch up on and was feeling stressed about the year that was ahead of me. Well I'm over the sickness and am finally starting to feel excited about this year. Yay! I'm ready to start the year (only 19 days late). To celebrate I played around in photoshop a bit today, just to practice and start making things again. Not sure if anything will come of this little pattern experiment, but I'm happy to be creating again.
-Happy New Year all! best -alyssa

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 Gia Mantegna Girl Digital
Gia Mantegna Girl Digital
Gia Mantegna Girl Digital