I've been meaning to do some more pattern design and I just haven't had the chance to do anything lately. So today I decided to play around a bit and made these lily pads. I haven't made it into a repeat yet because I'm playing with composition still, but I thought I'd plop all the elements together quick and play with some colors. Ehn, I'll keep working on it. I think this may be a little camouflagey.

Sheesh, it's been a while since I posted any new Kitties. I don't know what the deal is. Ever since the new year started I've been feeling sort of sluggish, up until about this week. Now finally I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. I hope I can keep it going. So, without further ado, here are seven new little Kitties and four new sketchbooks that I finally finished up. I'm almost done with a new embroidery pattern too, so I'll have that to share soon. And... I have a new plush animal that I've started making, which means that soon there won't be just Kitties running around here! More on that to come. In the mean time, all these guys will be going up in the store starting next week.

These pics are so dang cute I can hardly stand it! These photos and little amigurumi (fun crocheted characters) were made by Susan of TADA's Revolution. Check out more on her flickr and blog. She also has an etsy store where she sells a few cute characters and fun Japanese craft books. Neat!

I saw these guys while browsing through flickr today, and I thought they were just so neat! They are sculptures made out of found objects by artist, Brian Marshall of Adopt-a-Bot. See more here on his flickr site.

Here are some cute sketches by illustrator Stephan Britt. His work is definitely worth checking out. Looking at it makes you feel like you're reading a lovely vintage children's book. So fun! Here are links to his flickr site, website and blog.

I love these little illustrations by Ana of fric_de_mentol. Some of them are made by gocco screen printing an outline layer, then painting in the other details. And others are all gocco screen printed. Fun! I'm pretty excited about the one in the second pic with the man in the blue sweater. I love the title of that one... Don't Want No Small Feet Man. Check out more on the fric_de_mentol etsy store, blog and flickr.

Hey, I think this is my 500th post. Woo Hoo! Craziness.

Check out these little science projects. I think I had to dissect a worm and a frog in junior high. Then moved up to dissecting cats and cow eyes in high school. Ish. These little dissected frogs and mice are much nicer. They are made by The Crafty Hedgehog. You can purchase them in her etsy store here. The knitting pattern for them is also for sale. FUN!

Check out these happy bags from littleoddforest. Lynda Lye and her team make these adorable accessories. Check out the littleoddforest (LOF) website, etsy and flickr site for more yumminess. The owl purse in the last pic has my name written all over it. CUTE!

So cute! Check out these darling little paper carousels. They are made by illustrator and product designer, Kat, of Under the Stair Studios. Check out more in her etsy store and blog.

Check out these GORGEOUS drawings/paintings by L Filipe dos Santos of Corcoise. All of his work is just beautiful, which makes his Flickr site, website and blog a must see. L Filipe shares an etsy store with Verónica Navarro of Poor Sailor. He has prints available there.

Check out these awesome clocks from Maiko Kuzunishi of Decoylab. I love the little bunny one. Check out more on the Decoylab Etsy store, website and blog. Have a happy Monday everyone!