Check out these prints by Suzanne Millius of Studio 3 Ten. I love the combination of art and poetry. My fav is the last one. So pretty! See more work in the Studio 3 Ten etsy shop.

eee, check out these little embroidered Moleskin journals by Brooke Schmidt. I love how she switches thread colors mid line on the goldfinch and snail. And the tea and rainbow are just darling. See these and more of Brooke's work in her etsy store and also check out her blog here.

Check out these gorgeous artworks by Stephanie Levy. Now I want pancakes and sangria. Check out more of Stephanie's artwork in her etsy store and also check out her recent etsy featured seller interview.

You have to check out the etsy store, Timeless Vixen. They sell vintage and antique dresses from the 1870's - 1970's and they all are A-Mazing!!! Here are a few droolers, but you can see 100s more in the Timeless Vixen store.

Check out these awesome hats by Zara of Chatham Girl. It's art for you head! See more of these lovelies in the Chatham Girl etsy store.

I'm loving these super fun illustrations by Judy Kaufmann. The house illustration is great with all their little slanted chimneys. I also really like the circus tamer. To see more of Judy's work check out her website and etsy store.

Check out these awesome drawings by Medile. You get such a sense of life from the quick sketchy lines. They're little snapshots of a moment. I'm loving that bed that looks out to the ocean! Check out more of Medile's work in her etsy shop. Also check out her website to see her great stage and costume design work.
Hi all. I'll be posting again soon. The hubs and I just bought our 1st house and we're unpacking. My office is looking awesome and I can't wait till it's done so I can share some pics! Yay!

Just another quick progress pic of my alphabet quilt made from all my embroidery patterns and new fabric. I sent all my finished patterns to my mom and she's been busy turning them into a quilt. I'll get to see it finished this weekend and I'll be sure to take some nice photos soon. I can't wait!

So lately I've been frantically getting ready for the International Quilt Market (booth 2151). I'll be selling/showing my embroidery patterns and kits there. For the show I wanted to make bunch of things that would illustrate some of the ideas of what you can do with the patterns. Above are some progress pics of some of the things. I'm so happy how everything is turning out! My mom has been helping with the quilting which is super awesome. In the first pic with the turtle you can see a few of the fabrics that I got printed. I'll take better pics of everything once I get a little further, but I couldn't resist sharing.

Check out these amazing drawings! Whenever I or Colleen do readings of our book No Monster Here we have the kids draw what they think a monster looks like. They come up with the greatest ideas! Charlie, who drew the monster in the second image, drew a monster with lots of arms to throw lots of baseballs. But then it needed lots of eyes so it could keep track of all the baseballs it was throwing. Too cute! Check out more kid drawings in our Monster Art Gallery and check our our No Monster Here website where you can purchase your hardcover copy. You can also read the entire book online here.

Eeee, I love these adorable needle felt characters by Ruth of Miss Bumbles. Those little guinea pigs are so fantastic I can hardly stand it. See more of these fun little guys in the Miss Bumbles etsy shop.

I know all y'all are probably getting a little sick of my recent owl obsession (it's all because of Molly) but I couldn't resist posting these little guys when I saw them. These owls were made by Sue of Polar Bear Creations. They are so adorable! See more in the Polar Bear Creations store, website, blog and flickr.