Saturday, August 26, 2017

girl digital nami

All of us sure want to travel or travel to a beautiful area, and meet new people. Especially if you're working, definitely wanted the free time you can spend on having fun. Every girl digital nami is born with all of the different. In various parts of the world, the beauty of each girl digital nami has special classification. This time I want to tell you, about a creature that is so beautiful and noble. He was exceptional. He is valuable. Is the girl digital nami. As understand the needs of every girl digital nami who wants to appear perfect despite many shortcomings, a company creates electronic mirror that can analyze facial flaws and then make prints of the make-up of the right in accordance with its shortcomings.

Look beautiful is a matter that is highly sought after by girl digital nami. Sometimes, for the sake of wanting to look beautiful, the girls willing to do beauty treatments that have cost is quite expensive. It became famous in the virtual world is not as difficult as imagined, let alone if you post something that is not viable. Moreover, beautiful girl digital nami and sexy, the more easy for famous by internet users. Girl digital nami are creatures that are exceptional.
We may not be familiar with good fried vegetable fritter, banana, or fried tofu. In almost every corner of the small town to the metropolitan, we will have no trouble finding sellers of fried foods. Every girl digital nami has a different beauty, all of which have to be grateful for. But sometimes, God-given natural beauty is not enough, so many girl digital nami do change on her face. Has a beautiful face, body, and sexy dress often becomes the attraction of girl digital nami to be famous. Yes, it's easy to become famous mainly through social media, just by making a status. Love can come to anyone and at any time, never even looked at the status and citizenship. Anyone can feel the beauty of much love, which could lead to a more serious level, i.e. marriage. Pretty ladies versions are those that have a shape that meet the universal rule. Every girl digital nami in the world is certainly yearn to have a facial and body skin, beautiful and healthy. Not be a secret any more, if all the girl digital nami in this world every day trying to look beautiful and charming.

Nowadays almost everyone, associate beauty with a girl digital nami's physical appearance only. Special girl digital nami never again asked. Has a gorgeous body and pares, not making any girl digital nami comfortable in working and easy to get it. In fact, they also could still be vulnerable to issued for no apparent reason. So, according to him, the definition of the face proportioned for girl digital nami are fulfilling the universal rule about beauty that could accentuate ethnicity. Many girl digital nami spend time in front of the mirror noticing any flaws in the face then spent hours polishing her makeup for the sake of covering up weaknesses.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sleepy Kitty Dreams now available

My little kitty is now available as art and canvas prints, iphone cases, ipad and laptop skins, t-shirts, and greeting cards all over at society6. The prints would be so cute in a little kid's room, and who doesn't need an iphone case with a kitty on it? Check'm out here.

Picnic Pals fabric collection

Hi all. Here's a quick glimpse of my new fabric line Picnic Pals. I'm really excited about the super bright summery colors. The fabric will be shipping to stores in July so make sure to tell your favorite local quilt shop that you'd like them to get some for you! The free pattern to make the rainbow quilt will be available in July as well. I couldn't wait to share it even though I know it's a couple months out yet. I can't wait to make one for myself, it'd be perfect for a picnic blanket. Remember, Picnic Pals iphone cases and ipad skins are available now over at society6, yay!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iphone case in Mollie Makes magazine

Mollie Makes magazine recently did a little article about the Society6 website and featured my "Owl in Ferns" iphone case! Yay! I recently uploaded some more iphone cases, ipad skins, and art prints to Society6 and thought I'd share them with you. Check'm out here. By the way...Society6 is offering free shipping through Sunday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random doodle

Here's a random doodle fer ya. I downloaded the pencil Photoshop brushes from the Stumpy Pencil blog. I had so much fun playing around with them. The brushes do feel like you're drawing with a pencil! Check out the Stumpy Pencil blog here.

Monday, November 7, 2011

We Love French Knots

Hi all. Now that International Quilt Market is over, I'm attempting to get back on track with blogging again. One of the things that I missed telling you about was that in September Penguin & Fish was interviewed on the We Love French Knots blog run by the lovely Bari J! I designed a free pattern download of a little squirrel for the blog as well. The squirrels are going CRAZY outside right now prepping for the winter so I thought it was an appropriate time to share this little pattern again. Here is a link to We Love French Knots, please check it out! And here is a link to download the free squirrel embroidery pattern.